TJM Recovery Hitch


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Designed to provide a rear of vehicle recovery point to use on your next off-road trip, the TJM Recovery Hitch gives you a safe accessory to use for winch and snatch strap recoveries. Featuring a high-strength mild steel with a zinc coating to ensure durability and reliability, the TJM Recovery Hitch has a 4750kg Working Load Limit. The hitch can be turned in both directions with horizontal or vertical shackle hole alignment to avoid shackle binding. Our hitch is specifically designed to fit into TJM RB6 Rear Step Tow bars and other leading manufacturer tow hitches, while a 19mm galvanised forged steel bow shackle is included with the hitch.

Additional information

Weight 3,2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 5 cm


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